Why oxygen is vital in our skin care routine

Your skin needs to breath!


It is a fact we need oxygen to breath. The higher the quality of oxygen, the better for our body and skin. But due to the times we live in, the quality of the air is lowered by pollution which is a factor in accelerating ageing. Our cells receive less and less oxygen the older we become and it reflects on our skin. Toxins are eliminated at a slower rate, new cells don’t form as fast, collagen level drops and skin looses elasticity and firmness leading to loss of moisture, age spots and wrinkles.

Oxygen promotes the formation of enhanced collagen, will boost cell renewal and give the skin a youthful toned look.

Spa Technologies has been working for two decades in formulating advanced skin care that blends liquid oxygen with natural anti-ageing peptides, antioxidants, enzymes and more and thanks to a scientific breakthrough in liquid oxygen transport, we can instantly deliver this vital element to rejuvenate your skin.

Our signature product is the Oxygenated Renewal Complex, a triple layered serum with 5 antioxidants in a oil soluble layer on top, water soluble peptides and marine extracts in the middle and a layer of pure liquid oxygen at the bottom. Liquid oxygen penetrates surface skin to oxygenate all cells and neutralise carbon dioxide. Applied directly to the skin it will provide instant hydration and reduce fine lines by 15%.

Your Skin Needs To Breathe is a new program you can add to your skin care routine along with exciting new oxygen infused products for retail. Your skin will feel moisturised,firmer, healthier and more youthful.

In the next few weeks we will talk about the benefits of using our oxygen infused products and will put accent on each product containing liquid oxygen.