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Hydration ON THE GO – how to face the heat

The UK summer has been great so far. I am enjoying the good weather and getting my share of vitamin D daily, but my skin is suffering because of it. The sun is drying it and the air conditioning at work is drying it. That’s why I always carry a bottle of face mist with me. Yep ! Such a simple but yet effective product. Hydrate your skin ON THE GO ! 

Is it really worth you you might ask. Of course it is ! A facial mist it’s such a versatile product you can use it any time of the day. And my favourite use is to refresh and keep the skin moisture level up. 

But first, let’s talk about how to hydrate your skin in hot weather and how to avoid the damaging effects from sun exposure and air conditioning. As you know, our skin is constantly put under pressure by external factors like sun, wind, pollution, makeup, harsh chemicals in our skincare, bad diet and not drinking enough water, plus many other that we are probably not even aware of.

1. Water

The most important element in keeping yourself and your skin hydrated is water. Drink plenty of it. It is great for your skin, will improve its texture, bring a glow to it and eliminate toxins. Remember, your cells need the water to be able to function correctly and boost their renewal.

drink plenty of water to keep hydrated

2. Cleanse

With all the heat our skin sweats and sheds more cells than usual so to avoid build up and clogging pores it’s essential to cleanse to remove impurities like dirt, sebum and makeup. A good choice would be a cleanser that is soap free and contains essential oils to prevent drying and not remove our skin’s natural oils. 

3. Treat

Most of us have to deal with different skin conditions, from dry to oily and acne skin. So make sure you chose the right treatment for you so you can restore the skin to a healthy look and feel. Even though you think your skin is normal and you might not need any type of treatment, I do recommend the use of a serum high in antioxidants and peptides to feed the skin and also to prolonge its youth.

4. Moisturise

Always moisturise, no matter your skin type. Even oily skin needs moisturiser though make sure you avoid heavy ones. Using a cream which contains essential oils, shea butter , aloe vera or marine extracts is great as these ingredients will not unbalance your skin’s natural ph and will help with keeping up the hydration levels. 

My favourite is Vitamin C Serum .

It is a treatment and a moisturiser, perfectly balanced to suit all skin types, to treat dry skin and normalise oil production for oily and acne skin. It contains 2 forms of Vitamin C which not only protects cells from being damaged but also promotes brightness and helps prevent the formation of fine lines. 

5. SPF

UV is the main factor for premature ageing of the skin and also cancer. Avoid more damage and use a cream which contains good sun protection factor.

6. Facial mist

Now this is the summer essential everyone should use. My favourite way of refreshing my makeup or just remove that yucky feeling of my face when I sunbathe. It is on the go moisture for the skin and you can use it whenever you want or need it. You can spray on the face as a primer before applying makeup, use it to blend makeup or to set makeup, and when it’s really hot outside or the air con in the office is drying your skin, just spray over face and voila, fresh hydration !

Our favourite is Vitamin C Moisturising Mist. It is full of antioxidants, algae extracts and aloe vera. I always have a bottle in my bag along with my sunglasses, lip gloss and perfume.