Spa Technologies Revitalising Sea Cleanser

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–What does the promo say?–
“A deep pore cleanser formulated with a rich paste of organic Laminaria Algae imbued with aromatic essences that revitalize the skin by stimulating micro-circulation to restore a healthy glow. Ideal for oily/congested skin types.”

This appears to come in a pump-action bottle, while my sample came in a tiny pot with a screw-top lid. Based on the other samples I was sent that did come in full-size pump-action bottles, it likely dispenses efficiently and the bottles from this company seem quite robust. The bottle is also not too crowded/busy in terms of writing or images, making for a sophisticated overall appearance.

Massage a small amount into damp skin before rinsing off. Easy really.

The khaki colour is not terribly appealing (even if it clearly connotes the sea), but it leaves no residue on the skin.

The mint comes through most strongly, which is both pleasant and unusual, as well as supporting the general notion of the refreshing cleanse.

–Texture and consistency–
Very smooth, does not lather, and washes off well.

–Effects on the skin–
Seems to visibly calm the skin in the short term, but unfortunately my sample was a bit small to be able to test any effects on my acne long-term. No signs of any irritation.

–Value for money–
Based on the immediate results of my week’s sample, I would definitely be interested in investing in the full-size bottle to give it a chance to work more completely. The products I have sent have a pared-down, high-quality set of ingredients that so far seem to be doing the skin good, and I would thus recommend this cleanser to those with acneic skin.

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