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Repair and rejuvenate your skin with DNA repairing enzymes

We rely on anti-oxidants and SPF to reduce damage to the skin from external factors. But it’s not enough, as research shows, sun damage continues for up to 3 hours after exposure. Plus, we still have to worry about the previous skin problems. Enzymes derived from marine plankton have cellular DNA repairing proprieties and will reduce damage to cellular DNA by up to 50% within 2-4 hours of topical application. These enzymes are activated by light which provides protection against any further damage created by the sun rays.

Spa Technologies UK labs have formulated a night cream, Marine Night Repair, containing these DNA repairing plankton enzymes supported by liquid oxygen, arctic peptides, hexapeptides to stimulate cell renewal, marine algae to restore lost trace elements for firmer skin and antioxidant complex to shield cellular integrity.

Liquid oxygen will instantly oxygenate cells and boost their metabolism which enables the plankton enzyme to sink deeper into the skin to work on a deeper level. Exposure to light before going to bed will activate the enzymes that will work while you sleep to repair the damage on cellular DNA and thanks to the liquid oxygen, these enzymes will be reactivated during the day by mild sunlight to protect your skin from further damage.

Powerful anti-wrinkle action of the Marine Night Repair on the delicate skin of the neck after 90 days of daily use:

before and after 90 days of use Spa Technologies UK Marine Night Repair with cellular DNA repairing enzymes