Spa Marine Skin Brightening Kit


Bring the salon experience into your home and pamper your skin. Boost brightening and gently heal the skin with the power of marine extracts, liquid oxygen and Laminaria Algae


We’ve put together a skincare kit that can give you the salon experience and leave your skin looking brightened, nourished and hydrated. Feel and see the results you get with a professional treatment at home.

The kit contains:

  • 30ml Flower Peel Serum
  • 50ml Skin Brightening Powder Mask
  • 30ml Laminaria Oil
  • 30ml Vitamin C Serum with Rainbow Algae


Flower Peel Serum

A concentrate of hibiscus flower and green tea acids fortified with salicylic acid. Ideal for all skin types to prevent premature ageing of skin cells, smooths, tones and evens out skin while helping remove fine lines and wrinkles. Use daily after cleansing. Apply over face, under the eyes and corner of eyes, neck and chest area. Continue with the Intensive Night Recovery.

Skin Brightening Mask 50ml

A super antioxidant mask containing 15% pure ascorbic acid & marine algae powder for gentle anti-ageing treatment


Brightens dull skin and evens tone. Put moisture into the skin and fights the signs of ageing.

Recommend to use with the Flower Peel , Vitamin C Rainbow Serum and Luminous Eye Serum.

Vitamin C Serum

Anti-ageing Vitamin C Serum with rich moisturising properties. Nourishes and promotes skin brightness for increased elasticity and a natural, healthy look. Recommended for normal to dry skin but could be also used on oily, acne prone skin as it contains oil control ingredients. Powerful antioxidants will protect skin against environmental damage and active ingredients will fight premature ageing.

Hydrating Laminaria Oil

Body and hair oil, soothes and treats the skin with 100% pure Seaweed extract to gently restore skin’s tone and vitality and increase shine to the hair. Recommended for after-sun exposure and for dry skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. Scented with the Essential Oils of Ylang Ylang and Bitter Orange. The result is glowing, healthier skin and hair.


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