Pressed Foundation


Pressed Foundation available in 12 shades.

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Harley Street Skin’s Pressed Foundation comes in 12 shades. Enriched with essential nutrients to replenish, protect and neutralise free radicals. Endorsed by cosmetic and plastic surgeons, dermatologists and aestheticians. Used by professionals for post-procedural coverage. Soothes and smooths skin for natural, long lasting, flawless complexion. Pressed foundation should be used with the Luscious Dome or Capra Purse brush to provide a more opaque, matte finish.

  • Corrects most skin problems.
  • Nearly zero allergy risk with no harmful chemicals, talc dyes or alcohol.
  • Non–comedogenic and oil free.
  • Very water resistant, ideal for active lifestyle.
  • Anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties are ideal for rosacea and acne prone skin.
  • Natural minerals.

Key Ingredients:

  • Chemical–Free, board spectrum sun protection.
  • Light reflective minerals minimise appearance of fine lines and creates youthful glow.
  • Powders are made from micronized titanium dioxide, zinc oxide and iron oxide.
  • Natural mineral pigment with freeze-dried vitamins A, E and D and lavender based aromatherapy.


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