Perfect Party Skin

Leading skincare therapist and Spa Technologies UK Director Anne Gray has some great tips for perfect party skin

1. THINK before you drink! Making the effort to drink plenty of water on the day of a party and in between will help to keep your skin clear and hydrated. Try adding fresh fruit slices to sparkling water to make it easy to drink.

2. TAKE your make-up off before you jump into bed. It’s easier to hit the sheets after a long night but your skin will thank you if you take just two minutes to remove colour that can clog pores and leave skin looking dull.

3. TREAT your skin to a mini-massage: use the Marine Serum to gently stimulate circulation and blitz dark circles under eyes by using smooth circular strokes working from chin up, up around cheeks and temples and around eyes.

4. PROTECT from drying effects of cold and heat of your favourite party venue! Layer on moisturiser to seal in hydration, finishing with a make-up base or moisturiser with an SPF – the sun’s just as strong on bright, winter days.

5. GET your beauty sleep! Hard during the busy festive time but it’s a skin fact that oxygen is depleted when skin is deprived of sleep and it ends up looking tired and full. Aim to get an early night on the day’s you’re not partying and spritz