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Oily skin and how to get it ready for Haloween

Having problematic skin can lower confidence and increase stress. Dealing with hormonal spots and oily skin is a long and annoying process but can become easy once we adopt a healthy diet which will help skin from within. It is important to treat the skin topically too and using natural quality products can make a huge difference in the way it feels and looks.

Cleansing is the first and most important step in any skin care routine as it will remove excess sebum and a part of dead cells your skin sheds during the night and make-up and impurities that build up during the day. Cleansing your skin will avoid pore clogging and a serum and moisturiser will work much better. Another important step is exfoliating at least once a week which will remove dead cells and will reveal new, healthy ones. Exfoliating will increase blood flow into the dermis, will refine surface skin and will enable the other skin care products used to provide a higher performance so you can better benefit of their powerful proprieties. We do not recommend to exfoliate more than once a week as it can lead to skin problems and we don’t want that, do we. For a light exfoliation without any abrasion we do recommend the Flower Peel Serum which is so amazing that can be used morning and night, every day! Yes, this serum is the next step after cleansing as its formulated with hibiscus flower acids known to be able to treat most skin conditions and keep them under control, and because it contains organic algae combined with hyaluronic acid it will fight the signs of ageing and thicken the skin, especially around the eyes.

Next step will be a moisturiser. And because we are talking about blemished, oily skin, we recommend the Marine Serum which is an extremely light, oil free moisturiser designed to nourish and revitalise young and adult skin while decongesting pores and control sebaceous secretions. It contains lavender for its antiseptic proprieties, clary sage and rosemary to balance skin’s Ph and oil production, tea tree oil which is anti-inflammatory and promotes healing, hibiscus flower acids to decongest pores and gradually exfoliate and algae extracts to help firm, nourish and remineralise the skin.

Also, the Spot Cure will make a huge difference in treating blemished skin as its applied directly on the blemish, thus avoiding any other areas of the skin that are not affected.

For some, skin might feel too dry after using the Marine Serum so a more moisturising serum or cream can be used on top, like the Vitamin C Serum which promotes skin brightens, has a light consistency but offers great moisturasation while fighting the signs of ageing and will control oily skin.

Halloween is just around the corner and we are all excited to put our scariest outfits on and boast crazy, artistic make-ups. The internet is really great and there are so many influencers and bloggers that share their amazing Halloween make-up ideas that I want to try them all. At once if it will be possible.

I haven’t decided yet what kind of ”monster” I will become on Halloween night but for sure my make-up will be elaborate enough to use plenty of silicone and latex based creams and colours. This will put huge stress on my skin, as I will wear it for most of the night. But I am ready for it and I am taking extra care of my skin to ensure its healthy and glowy before I cover it in all the extra products containing chemicals and will definitely not let my skin breath.

The secret to flawless makeup is cleansing,exfoliation and moisturasation using natural, high quality products like those Spa Technologies UK offers.

Revitalising Sea Cleanse is great to remove impurities and make-up. It deep cleanses and helps decongest pores leaving the skin feeling fresh and not stripped of its natural oils. The great thing is it does not contain any soap and its only made with natural, organic marine based ingredients.

For gradual, daily exfoliation I use the Flower Peel Serum, which in my opinion is the most important step in my routine as it really treats the skin and preps it for the moisturiser.

As a daily moisturiser I use the Vitamin C Serum which feels smooth and luxurious and has a nice fresh, natural scent. It’s packed with powerful antioxidants and loads of plant extracts. Because I wear make-up daily, I use Anti-Ageing Serum as a primer to lock in moisture and give a silky finish. It also fights the signs of ageing while helping skin renewal due to apple stem cells.

When I travel or feel my skin dry I will spray Vitamin C Moisturising Mist over my make-up to refresh and give a boost of minerals and antioxidants which will provide protection against environmental damage.

Before I go to bed I thoroughly cleanse my face with Revitalising Sea Cleanse making sure I clean really well around my eyes too. I’ve noticed that it does not irritate the skin under and in the corners of my eyes. It just proves how amazing is to only use natural products. After I dry my skin I apply Flower Peel Serum and will wait a couple of minutes to dry then I use Intensive Night Recovery. Now, this buttery serum could scare some of you as it feels really oily, but that is just the first impression. A small amount is enough to cover the face, neck and chest and will sink in the skin without leaving a oily layer. Containing astaxanthin, liquid oxygen and organic essential oils, Intensive Night Recovery is like a miracle in a bottle. It helps skin heal and regenerate while repairing damage created by external factors, reduces the signs of ageing and provides protection. The next morning my skin looks restored, healthy and feels so soft. As I have mixed skin, oily and really dry areas, I wasn’t interested in using this serum, but one of my friends convinced me to give it a try and it became my favourite alongside the Flower Peel.

See, contrary to popular belief, oily skin needs moisturisation and oily based creams or serums will not make it worse. The secret is to have a decent cleansing routine and not to forget exfoliating at least once a week. Have you noticed that you end up with a spot or two when your skin is dry? That’s because the dead cells will build up really fast and will clog the pores which will try to push natural oils out to moisturise your dry skin but will end up trapped because the pore is blocked. It’s a bit different for those of us who have mainly oily and acne prone skin. We tend to extra clean and extra dry the skin thinking that it will get rid of the shine. Which it does, for a while. The skin will end up producing even more sebum. The sebaceous glands under the skin secret this oily matter to lubricate and waterproof the skin. By cleaning and exfoliating the skin we will remove dead cells and decongest the pores and properly moisturising it will avoid excess oil production.

It sounds like a vicious circle, but it’s really simple. Cleanse, use Flower Peel (can’t stress enough how essential it is for any skin type) then moisturise. These steps are crucial in achieving and maintaining healthy, luminous, naturally beautiful skin. The cleanser removes impurities, the Flower Peel gradually exfoliates, decongests pores, removes fine lines and thickens the skin, preparing it for moisturisation. Depending on your needs you will choose the cream or serum which works best for you.

This might sound like its contradicting with what I said above about using an oil free moisturiser but really it depends on your skin condition. The worse it the is, the stronger the products. For boils and red, sensitive spots, Marine Serum is excellent as it is for those of you who prefer a really light moisturiser. I still will recommend a proper moisturiser as it will provide protection against premature ageing.

Spa Technologies sells a very good skin care kit created with products that will work well for acne and oily skin. It even has a moisturiser with natural SPF 30 to protect your skin from sun damage.

Taking care of your skin and body is a choice of life. Telling yourself you can’t afford to buy quality skin care or that is not realistically possible to have a healthy diet are ridiculous excuses. It is quite affordable to change your life for better. Once you remove the bad foods and products in your life, you will be left with healthy, safe choices. A natural, good quality skin care product will give you long lasting results. I know we wish for a product that will give immediate results but unless you go under the knife or inject chemicals it won’t happen. Good looking skin has to be maintained. This is a lifetime commitment, and using products formulated with good quality, natural ingredients will greatly benefit the skin without harming it.  .

When you purchase a Spa Technologies product don’t forget to ask for some samples of products you would like to try or never thought of trying. Until you use a product a few times, you will not know if it’s suitable for you or now. Due to it’s formulation, the Oxygenated Renewal Complex is the only product that can not be sampled.