In My Bag I Packed……..

An overview of the most versatile products and the holiday “must haves” by Spa Technologies UK

As that hallowed fortnight in sunnier climes approaches there is always the last minute dilemma to get everything packed whilst taking minimal luggage.

Your make up and skin regime weigh a ton, plus there are all the other extras you need to buy to ensure you have a comfortable and enjoyable time away (and that’s just your stuff – there’s everyone else to think of too!).

Minimising your make up bag isn’t always easy but here is a quick look at some of our products that are so versatile they can be used in a number of different ways allowing you to leave a few of your bigger tubs and sprays in your bathroom cabinet whilst still looking your best;

Vitamin C Mist

This isotonic seawater mist and hyaluronic acid combination spray can be used to plump and hydrate skin, spritz over make up to seal it or use as a refresher spray on the skin. Gentle on sunburn and kind to flight fatigued skin, the hyaluronic acid helps minimise sun damage, decrease puffiness and has antioxidant properties, while the super potent levels of vitamin C will ensure your skin remains well hydrated. NB It is available in a smaller 30ml container which is ideal for holiday packing!

Uses: refresher spray, make up fixer, sunburn coolant, skin hydator, decreases puffiness

Laminaria Oil

A 100% pure seaweed oil this product is great to spritz on after a shower to combat sun exposure. It can double up as a hair oil and can be applied to the tips of the hair to minimise dryness. A cheeky trick with this oil is to mix it with a bit of sand on the beach and rub into your feet as a DIY Pedi mid holiday. The sand will exfoliate and the oil will be absorbed leaving feet super soft.

Uses: Post shower body moisturiser, hair oil, DIY Pedicure

Flower Peel Serum

This multi functional product is a must have. It boosts collagen, improves uneven skin tone and gently promotes exfoliation allowing your face to have an even tone throughout your holiday. The algae content within the serum nourishes the cells whilst the hibiscus flower acids encourage gentle exfoliation with no irritation – great for the odd pesky pimple. It can be applied to the face and neck twice a day but mid holiday can be mixed with luminaria oil for an all over gentle exfoliate that will keep your tan fresh without dulling your colour.

Uses: Evens skin tone, gently exfoliates, nourishes skin, treats spots

Anti Fluid Gel

For anyone going on a long haul flight this cooling, natural analgesic gel helps eliminate trapped wastes and fluids so can be used as an alternative to flight socks as well as doubling up as a cellulite treatment due to its natural anti-oxidant properties. The added bonus is that it can be massaged on any sore muscles or joints post a day on the golf course, a hike up a mountain or that pesky tennis elbow to ensure you can be as active as you want on your travels.

Uses: Cellulite, sports injuries, muscle/joint pain, swollen ankles

SPF 30 All Day Moisturiser

It goes without saying in this day and age that regardless of your skin tone, sunscreen is a must. Research has found that two thirds of the skins breakdown within the ageing process is attributed to the sun and wearing a sunscreen, regardless of where you are travelling is vital. Re-applying regularly throughout the day will ensure skin remains protected, and due to its non-shiny, non whitening formula, this sun cream makes an excellent primer for evening make up, so there’s no need to pack separate moisturiser and primer.

Uses: Sunscreen, moisturiser, make up primer

All that’s left to say is happy holiday’s and don’t forget your passport!