Flower Peel Serum – The secret to flawless skin

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to find that product that can give you the most amazing look and feeling?

As a party girl with dry sensitive skin, prone to acne and eczema ( yes, all that…) I have looked for the perfect skin care product, you know, the all in one miracle serum/cream that we all dream about. Not asking much, right?! I want to go out with no make-up on and feel like I have just come out of a Spa, with glowing, healthy looking skin. No dryness, no eczema, no spots. 

Well, look no further because I have found the ultimate serum, the Flower Peel, the one thing I cannot live with out anymore.  

A year and a half ago I met Anne, director of Spa Marine Skincare here in UK and I started working for her, part time. That is how I started to use Spa products. I was really sceptical at first. New brand, marine based, all natural? What is that? Seriously, will it actually work? Of course it works! And doing a pretty good damn job i might say ♥.

With me, mostly, it was trial and error. I’m that hard to please person, so I had to try a few products until I found what really works for me. I must admit that I had the Flower Peel on my shelf for a while until I actually started to use it. I was told it will gently exfoliate my skin and will brighten it up and to even use it under my eyes! Really?? It has flower acids I thought. No way! I don’t want to end with a red face, hiding under the blankets until I look normal again. I couldn’t have been further from the truth. So, on a Friday night, I decided to give it a go. I washed my face, dried it and applied Flower Peel. A little bit at first, just to make sure I won’t scream in pain ( LOL ). It was fine, nothing really happened. My forehead did sting though. My eczema flared that day and it was red and itchy and I scratched, but ignored it as it was normal for me. I decided to go wild and applied quite a bit all over my face, even under the eyes and on my neck and went on with browsing social media, highly important activity on a Friday night. Flower Peel dried and I felt my skin tightening. I quickly looked in the mirror and I could see a slight difference, some of the fine lines around my eyes have disappeared, skin looked smoother. Good start! I applied my Spa Intensive Night Recovery all over face and neck and went to bed. Next day I was amazed. The skin felt really soft and looked luminous and my eczema was almost gone. Feeling hopeful, I used the Flower Peel Serum in the morning too and after 1 week my skin improved so much, I couldn’t believe it. I was impressed. Especially how it worked with my eczema. It got rid of it! Not for good, cuz’ if I stop using flower peel it will come back, but why would I want that? My skin never felt better and cleaner. This amazing serum really makes a difference. No more dryness, I have less blackheads, I rarely get any spots, skin feels smooth as a peach and I don’t have to use abrasive exfoliators anymore. Well, maybe once a month, just to remove the extra layer of dead cells. 

Now I just use the Flower Peel Serum on my face, neck, chest, arms, legs, well, practically everywhere. Half a year later and this product still works wonders. I always use a generous amount in the evening, though Anne will disagree with me as she always tells me I use too much and I only need a little. I am not having any of it. If I could, I would bath in it!


Now, if you don’t believe me, go and try it. I dare you !

I wish you all beautiful ladies a wonderful March and don’t forget, Flower Peel is a great start for spring.