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Fight the signs of ageing with natural ingredients

There are many external factors which can cause premature ageing of the skin like sun and pollution. The best way to protect your skin from it is to use good, quality creams and serums that will help regenerate cells faster and prevent the damage free radicals can create.

Our labs have formulated high performance products, using only natural and organic ingredients. These days we are facing a cosmetic and food market full of chemicals, preservatives and other non natural additives that are not good for our overall well being, so using a cream made from natural ingredients is very beneficial for the skin.

You could try the Anti-Ageing Serum, a powerful rejuvenator, formulated with apple stem cells that are renowned for their ability to regenerate skin cells faster, in a non-oily light gel that leaves the skin smooth and hydrated.

We also recommend the Intensive Night Recovery as a moisturiser to help regenerate dry, irritated skin and give you a smooth complexion.