All Natural and Vegan Certified ingredients

Having a proper skin care routine is essential in preserving youth and tone to the skin. I don’t know about most of you, but I definitely need help to keep my skin hydrated and healthy. In my 20’s I haven’t really payed attention to my skin. I used to go to bed with my makeup on and clean my face with shower gel and my idea of hydration was a jar of Nivea body lotion. But with time passing by I started to notice little wrinkles forming around my eyes and my expression lines becoming more accentuated, skin started to feel really dry with oily patches. My make-up never looked natural, my pores were dilated and I started developing eczema. When I reached 30 it hit me, I needed to make a change or my skin will suffer irreversible damage. I tried many high end products and spend a lot of money but nothing really made a difference until I found Spa Technologies UK by chance. I was extremely sceptical at the beginning. I thought is just another brand with false claims, but how wrong was I. Reading their ingredients list I was surprised to see they are all natural and they have a certificate to prove they are vegan. That means all ingredients are natural, plant derived with no animal products or by-products and no animal testing, no chemicals or artificial compounds.

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The results I achieved with Spa Technologies UK products are truly amazing. My skin feels and looks healthy, is soft, pores are minimised, i have noticed a huge difference in tone and vitality, I have an even tone, pH levels have been normalised so I don’t have patches of dry and oily skin and the most amazing thing is that my acne and eczema are treated while the active ingredients fight premature ageing and restore lost minerals.

Five or six months into using the Spa products I decided to change my routine and use a high end cream and cleanser I received as a gift which claimed to be made with all natural ingredients and provide powerful anti-ageing and uplift. It’s when I realised the difference between a high quality genuine all natural product and one you pay mostly for packaging and name. The Spa Technologies UK products have a soothing and soft feeling with a very subtle natural smell while the high end cream had a very powerful fragrance and left my skin feeling very tight and stingy. That was the time when I started to do extensive research about ingredients and their proprieties and actually understand why some brands say their products are all natural but use artificial preservatives. They claim that you can’t have a stable product without these artificial compounds and you need them to extend their shelf life but Spa Technologies UK proves that it is actually possible. 

The truth is we are now all more aware of what we put on our skin and thanks to the internet we have access to information about the ingredients used in skin care. So there is no secret that chemicals and preservatives can be harmful for the skin and in the long run can cause problems. That’s why Spa Technologies UK has come up with an innovative formulation for its products, where the latest technology and scientific research is used to create an all natural product that delivers high performance and visible results. The ingredients were carefully selected to provide anti-ageing and anti-oxidative protection while treating and nourishing the skin. It’s really a miracle in a bottle. 

Since I started using Spa Technologies UK my routine has changed completely. I always remove my makeup and cleanse before applying the Flower Peel Serum, then I use a night moisturiser and every morning i use a gentle cleanser to remove excess sebum and dead skin cells then I apply the Flower Peel and then I use my daily moisturiser. It’s something I do religiously and if you read my previous posts or checked our social media you noticed I always speak about the Flower Peel. It is something I use twice a day, every day and it’s my favourite product ever. Once a week I exfoliate and apply a face mask. It removes dead cells, cleanses the pores, promotes micro circulation and boosts the formation of new, healthy skin cells while giving my skin an extra glow and replenishes it with hydration and vital nutrients. This routine is helping me preserve a youthful look and it makes my skin always feel fresh and hydrated.