You are currently viewing SPF – Sun, Peptides and (totally) Flummoxed! A whistle stop tour of what to use on your skin and why!

SPF – Sun, Peptides and (totally) Flummoxed! A whistle stop tour of what to use on your skin and why!

The skincare market can be a confusing old place. I for one struggle about what to read, what to believe and certainly what too use. There seems to be a massive trend towards using heavy creams and often anti-ageing products can leave skin looking more like that of an angst filled teenager. Back in January from the comfort of my sofa I watched BBC 1’s “The Truth About Looking Good”. Presenter Cherry Healy revealed that whilst 75% of the ageing process is due to sun damage, the two main ingredients we need in our skin care regime are peptides and an SPF. With the snow falling thick and fast outside sun damage was as far away in my mind as Australia actually is and peptides – whatever are peptides?
Cut to May and with the early onset of summer SPF’s are being slathered on and a whistle stop education has been completed – peptides (in a nutshell) are fragments of proteins and proteins are the building blocks for skin regeneration and renewal.

It would beg the question if that is all we need for our skin then why do we buy products with so many other ingredients and how do we know exactly what to buy? The programme I watched back in January had made it seem so simple yet left many questions unanswered so my whistle stop tour continued.
It would appear that a cream with no other vital skin foods in it is deeming our peptides billy no mates and we all know that someone without friends is very sad and therefore not likely to work as well as if there is a team.
At this point I decided to ask an expert – after all that’s what they are there for! Spa Technologies UK is fast becoming renowned as a pioneering nutrition for the dermis and I liked the fact that whilst vegan, cruelty free and safe to use during pregnancy (not that I am – it just bodes well there is nothing nasty in them) the products contain medical grade levels of ingredient.

Natural Beauty by Chantal a family run salon in Danbury are associated with Spa Technologies UK so I went along for a facial and to learn more. Chantal explained, “ It is key people recognise the need for vital “skin foods” that include peptides alongside complementary products such as nutrient rich algae, vitamins and growth factors.””One of the most important things to consider” Chantal explains, “Is not as much what else is in your skincare regime, but what strength the product is. So many over the counter creams and serums contain a tiny percentage of a vitamin and therefore it will have no effect. For example many creams contain vitamin C but when you read the label there is only about 5% within the product. Vitamin C needs to be at a concentrate level of 20% to have any impact on the stimulation of fibrolast and elastin production” – Spa Technologies UK vitamin C serum and moisturising mist contain a whopping 50%.It was a lovely facial with cupping and facial massage as well as a deep cleanse and mist all finished off with a layer of SPF. With my peptifde popping face now ready for the summer I thought I would find out from Chantal her favourite product. Without hesitation she said the Flower Peel serum “as it is so versatile” and as a personal favourite she twins it with either the marine moisturising serum or the anti-ageing serum for a really dewy glow.

All Spa Technologies UK products are medical grade, vegan and cruelty free. They are safe to use during pregnancy and are used in salons throughout the UK. Facials start at £50 and include a free product Please call 01245 224333 to book.